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Since 2007, our (private) backyard and basement have held free community gatherings, the most popular being the 10,000-volume free Book Blast. This site offers information about events hosted in the backyard at Sixth & Irving, in the friendly Inner Sunset of San Francisco.

Events have always been completely free. Our motto remains “Twice your money back if you’re dissatisfied.”

To be notified of or volunteer for some of these unique adventures, please add your information. We promise never to sell or distribute your information.

To learn when something's coming up, please provide your email

To consider volunteering for all the events, please provide your email

  • We try to fix everything except electronics and relationships! For free! Helping to reuse items and minimize land-fill, our many generous & talented craftsmen will sew, solder, sharpen, screw, glue, fasten, hitch, attach, mend, nail, untangle & otherwise repair as many items as we reasonably can.
  • A peaceful, unique garden in the Inner Sunset to relax in sunshine, with radio classical music. Open if I'm around and when it's a sunny Sunday afternoon, all are welcome to read, knit, laugh, dream, meditate, eat and even surf the Web, as long as no one talks. Remember: It's a *silent* garden!
  • This is just an ol' fashioned party, with neighbors meeting neighbors, with food, wine and often live music thrown in, all for no charge. C'mon by: you might surprise yourself and have a great time!
  • Can you imagine anything better than carrying home as many free books as you wish? Yes, this event makes it possible. Honest. Join us for the now-famous FREE book giveaway, where hundreds & hundreds & thousands of books are collected, sorted and available on ONE weekend to whomever wants them.
  • Excellent stuff that might be necessary in your life! Designed so families can sell their sacred treasures to others, this event often features more good times than significant buys...but a good time is guaranteed.
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